Silent Drain - Can you hear it ?
The Shower Experience

The Shower Experience

Once the bathroom door is locked, it's all about you.

Imagine entering your shower, letting that constant stream of hot water heat your body while the pitter-patter of water droplets hitting the shower floor at a constant pace becomes mesmerizing. Then you add some luxurious shampoo, conditioner and soap to get that great shower experience everyone is looking for. 

That Ugly drain noise   -   CAN YOU HEAR IT ?

That Ugly drain noise - CAN YOU HEAR IT ?

You know it's there, trying to hide behind the wonderful sound of the shower spray and the water lapping the shower floor. It's time to acknowledge that this awful gurgle noise needs to be removed from your shower experience.   "That's just the way it is"    doesn't cut it anymore. This is why Silent Drain was developed.

The solution to this problem

The solution to this problem

Silent Drain is a made in Canada product that guides that noisy water down the sides of the pipe in a slow consistent rate that greatly reduces or eliminates that ugly sound. The installation is so easy, anyone can do it without calling the plumber.

Listen to the difference

What is needed to have a successful purchase

  • Have access to the drain

    There are different types of shower bases. If you can lift the drain cover off to clearly access the drain pipe, then Silent Drain is for you

  • Have a 2" drain pipe

    Almost all North American shower drain pipes are 2" in diameter for shower drains. If you have a 2" drain pipe and can see the water trap from above, then Silent Drain is for you

  • Cannot be a sealed drain cover

    Most bathtub/shower combination have a sealed drain cover water stopper. This is a permanant feature with the tub. If you have a sealed drain cover, then Silent drain is NOT for you

Buy Shower drain gurgle noise reducer/eliminator / bonus Drain cleaner pack



Buy the 3 box set of Silent Drain and you will receive a shipping flat fee of $5.00 anywhere in Canada