About us

Silent Drain Inc is a Canadian made, patented, high quality product which will last for years.

Brian Wilkens, President of Silent Drain Inc has always been a problem solver. Owning a woodshop business in Newmarket, Ontario, Brian moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1990 and began a 7 year journey designing and building his 3000sq ft home near Bearspaw, Alberta learning all the details of what goes on behind the walls in a home. He then took a private investigation course at Bow Valley College and worked for Alberta Crime Investigations keeping insurance costs down from fraudulent claims. In 2010, his passion for refereeing took him to Calgary Minor Soccer Association teaching leadership skills to 150 youth referees per year. After purchasing his latest home, he noticed how noisy his shower drain was and began investigating why.

This is when Silent Drain came into fruition.

A survey was done in 2019 and 44% of households in Calgary have a tile shower or a floor pan shower which is what Silent Drain is now designed for.

How do you reduce or eliminate the shower drain noise without needing a plumber?

14 different prototypes over 9 months were designed, scrutinized and adjusted with the perfect solution to this problem. This is a "Drop in Pipe" product with no tools necessary. Just remove the drain cover, drop in Silent Drain and slide the drain cover back on. It's just that easy ! 
Your next shower will be the best shower ever !