The Science

What is the need for Silent Drain and why is it an integral part of the bathroom experience
The bathroom is a known place to get clean and feel good. It's the one room in every house that people respect the privacy of whoever is in there. Once you are in the bathroom, you want to keep that positive vibe and remove all the negatives. The ugly gurgle noise is one of the negative noises that up until now has been accepted as something people tolerated. This problem has been solved and the solution is Silent Drain.
The bobber (fatter bottom area) was designed to float on the standing water at the bottom of the drain with the right length and buoyancy to remain a certain distance in the drain. It was also specifically designed not to flush down the drain as it is too long to make it around the 180⁰ trap. If there is a large amount of water flushing down the drain, Silent Drain will wait for the water to pass by before re-adjusting to the proper position again. The needle (thin top part) holds the deflector which channels the draining water down the sides of the pipe in smaller amounts so the splashing (gurgle) noise is greatly reduce or even eliminated. If the water trap level is too high for Silent Drain to sit properly, a cut line was designed so Silent Drain can be shortened if needed so Silent Drain doesn't protrude into the shower floor. Because this is a free standing unit, any shampoo, conditioner or soap will just slide past and continue down the drain in a normal fashion without clogging up.
For Silent Drain to work at 100% efficiency, please make sure every 3 to 6  months (depending on shower use) that a visual inspection of the drain is done. Use a pipe cleaning solution like Green Gobbler to keep Silent Drain in top performance.
Water flow statistics (average)
Water flow from an average shower head - 3.5 litres in 30 seconds
Water draining rate in an average shower - 3.5 litres in 12 seconds
Water draining with Silent Drain installed  - 3.5 litres in 12 seconds
As you can see, after installing Silent Drain, water flow is not affected
Shower noise testing
A quiet bathroom has an average of 25db ambient sound level
The shower water hitting the floor has an average of 68db sound level
The noise of the gurgle going down the drain averages 83db sound level
When Silent Drain is installed, the noise is between 68db to 70db sound level
As you can see, Silent Drain significantly improves the noise level in a shower