Silent Drain must only be used for reducing or eliminating shower drain noises. Any other use will void warranty. Failure to maintain drain pipe cleaning on a needed basis may result in possible flooding of the shower floor and/or area. Please check cleanliness every 3 months.

Notes: Is your drain pipe accessible from inside the shower area?

Is your drain pipe 2” in diameter?

When you receive your Silent Drain package, please remove product and recycle packaging appropriately

Removing the drain cover in your shower

  • Tile showers generally have a drain cover which is attached by 2 or 3 screws. Please remove the screws and lift the cover off to access the drain
  • Plastic shower pans generally have a snap fit drain cover. Gently pry off the drain cover to access the drain
  • Any other style of drain cover, please check manufacturer

Check the drain pipe for any obstructions and remove or clean the pipe appropriately.


The deflector has been made to slide up or down so the position of the deflector is set just below the top of the plumbing pipe when Silent Drain is installed


When Silent Drain is installed, if the needle (top) is protruding above the drain cover, just bend and snap the top part off at the cut line so the needle is below the drain cover. Please adjust the deflector according to A above

C:            THIS SIDE DOWN

This end sits on the water at the bottom of the pipe


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